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Sleeve Bearing of all sizes.

Discover White Metal Bearings: Experts in Sleeve Bearing. With unmatched quality, we offer reliable solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Machines stopped? Never again! Our bearings drive your performance. Join us and elevate your power generation!

Sleeve Bearing of All Sizes: White Metal Bearings, Your Right Choice

WHITE METAL is a company specialized in Sleeve Bearing for rotating machinery and special machining of all sizes. Since 1995, we have been providing customized solutions, excluding roller bearings and automotive bearings. With an exclusive focus on Sleeve Bearing, we are industry leaders, offering unparalleled expertise and quality.

Certified by ISO 9001-2015 standard since 2009 by SGS, we constantly seek to improve our processes, products, and team. With efficient solutions and fair deadlines, our goal is to add value to our clients’ businesses. We work daily to be recognized globally as an innovative, sustainable company committed to current laws.


more than
28 years

ISO 9001/2015


Main clients served:

Main sectors served:​

Hydroelectric power generation


Steel, mining, and petrochemical industry

Sugar, cellulose, and industrial sectors

Manufacturing and maintenance of Sleeve Bearing

Below, learn about the products we manufacture and repair for our clients.

Bearing Maintenance

We perform maintenance, repair, and restoration of Sleeve Bearing, housings, bushings, and shoes with the replacement of bimetallic and trimetallic components (babbit) and complete reworking on our own and third-party products.

DIN Bearings

Our DIN bearings are designed and manufactured according to international DIN standards. With high precision and quality, they ensure reliable and long-lasting performance for demanding industrial applications. Trust our DIN bearings to maintain smooth and efficient movement in your rotating machinery.

Special Bearings

At White Metal Bearings, we also offer custom Special Bearings to meet the unique needs of your projects. Our specialized engineers work closely with you to develop and manufacture tailored bearings, ensuring the best performance and adaptability to your specific requirements. Trust our Special Bearings to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your applications.

Bearings Shoes

Bearing shoes are essential components for the proper functioning of bearings. We design and manufacture high-quality shoes, made with resistant and durable materials. With precision in design and construction, our bearing shoes ensure proper load distribution and reduce wear, contributing to an extended lifespan of your bearings.

Seals and Rings for Bearings

We offer a variety of Seals and Rings for Bearings, designed to provide reliable sealing and protection against contamination in your applications. Our seals and rings are made with high-quality materials, offering wear resistance and excellent performance even in adverse conditions. Trust our seals and rings to keep your bearings protected and operating efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: No, we specialize exclusively in Sleeve Bearing. We do not work with automotive bearings.

Answer: No, we focus solely on the manufacturing and repair of Sleeve Bearing. We do not deal with roller bearings.

Answer: We work with small bearings for compressors and pumps up to bearings for large hydroelectric plants.

Answer: We serve various sectors, including hydroelectric power, gases, petrochemicals, steel, mining, industrial, cellulose, and sugar. We have experience in providing sliding bearing solutions for a wide range of industries.

Answer: Yes, we offer specialized technical assistance and on-site support to ensure correct and proper installation of sliding bearings.

Answer: Yes, we are prepared to conduct technical visits anywhere in the world. Our team of experts is available to visit your facilities, understand your specific needs, and provide customized solutions. We are committed to providing comprehensive and quality service, ensuring the best possible support to our customers.

Answer: Yes, we have an experienced team that performs precise calculations to size and design sliding bearings according to the specific needs of each application.

Answer: Yes, we offer reengineering services to improve or upgrade existing sliding bearings, aiming to enhance performance and efficiency.

Answer: Yes, we offer complete recovery and revitalization services for damaged bearings, restoring them to a functional state and extending their lifespan.

Answer: We are certified in the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System since 2009 by SGS. This means we adopt strict quality standards in all our processes, products, and services. Our commitment to quality enables us to provide reliable and durable solutions to our customers.

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