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A WHITE METAL é uma empresa especializada no desenvolvimento, fabricação e recuperação mancais de hidrodinâmicos, mancais axiais, mancais normatizados conforne norma DIN, casquilhos, buchas de mancais, segmentos de mancal de escora, segmentos de mancal guia, selos e usinagens especiais,babbitt, metal patente. white.metal@whitemetalmancais.com.br https://www.whitemetalmancais.com.br/dash/uploads/cliente/logo_site.png (19) 3265-0801 Av Promac, 365 - Jd. São Francisco - Sumaré/SP - Telefone: (19) 3265-0801 - Horário Comercial: segunda a sexta feira das 8:00h ás 18:00h
Exelencia in manufacturing plain bearings


Maintenance and repairs of bearings with replacement of metal components and trimetallic (babbit) and complete re-machining in self-produced products and from  third parties.

Technical assistance in the design, equipment,  installation and maintenance phases.

Centrifugation and static methods in the application of babbitt.

Chemical composition certificate of the material, Adherence tests for penetrating liquid

Ultrasonic tests to certify the adherence quality

Issue of quality certificates for the deposited material

Performed Services

  • Bearing bushes
  • Labyrinth
  • Tilting Pading
  • Hydrogen seals
  • Oil slingers
  • Crossheads


Outros Serviços

  • Lobe bearings for steam turbines
  • Lobe bearings for generators and gearboxes
  • Elliptical bearings
  • Bearings for large-sized motors and pumps
  • Bearing housing
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