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A WHITE METAL é uma empresa especializada no desenvolvimento, fabricação e recuperação mancais de hidrodinâmicos, mancais axiais, mancais normatizados conforne norma DIN, casquilhos, buchas de mancais, segmentos de mancal de escora, segmentos de mancal guia, selos e usinagens especiais,babbitt, metal patente. white.metal@whitemetalmancais.com.br https://www.whitemetalmancais.com.br/dash/uploads/cliente/logo_site.png (19) 3265-0801 Av Promac, 365 - Jd. São Francisco - Sumaré/SP - Telefone: (19) 3265-0801 - Horário Comercial: segunda a sexta feira das 8:00h ás 18:00h
Excelência na fabricação de mancais de deslizamento



WHITE METAL Din line of bearings was developed using what is the most advanced in the market in product development technologies.

Ever since its conception WHITE METAL bearings have their components analyzed by mechanical calculations and through finite elements.

Each bearing item is designed to with stand the harshest operating and environment conditions, which ensures reliability and security for their applications.

Specialized engineering to provide technical support and develop customized projects for various industry segments.

WM has a technical assistance department prepared to meet the needs of our customers 24 hours / day, 7 days a week, making it clear that the respect for the cliente is the highest concern.

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