Areas of Expertise

Hydropower Generation

Since 1995 White Metal manufactures and recovers all types of turbine bearings and power generators.

We serve the main hydroelectric plants (UhE) in Brazil and also abroad. We also serve several SHPs and CGHs throughout Brazil. We develop new projects or manufacture according to the customer’s design. We work with a large portfolio that also includes shoes, inserts, rings, housings and all types of sealing.

More details:


White Metal is a company that develops and manufactures and recovers hydrodinamic bearings, sealing rings and products intended for the gas sectors.

In addition to bearings, we also work with housings, bushings, inserts, axial bearings, shoes and an extensive range of essential structures and components in gas machines and equipment.

Steel, Mining and Petrochemical

White Metal operates in the manufacture and recovery of hydrodinamic bearings.

We have an active presence in the petrochemical, steel and mining industries. With many years in the market, White Metal has been standing out with its quality products and services, offering high performance solutions for our customers’ equipment.

Sugar, Cellulose and Industrial

We operate strongly in the sugar industry, wood pulp and industrial market.

We work with steam turbine bearings, gas turbine bearings, laminating machine, generators, blowers or any other equipment. We manufacture and recover bearings, housings and seals with warranty and quality since 1995.

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